California Drinkin in the Valley, part 2

Wine Fraud Has Many Victims

Counterfeit wines are sold at many stores, outlets, some unknowingly. eBay has had a problem with people selling fake wines, for example, Chateau Petrus. But most of the fake wines are made in Europe as opposed to the United States, so far. Right now there are at least five counterfeit wine rings in Europe.

Several wineries are working to combat fraud. Some of the methods being adopted include invisible ink, holograms and serial numbers on labels, as well as embossing directly on the bottles and proof tags hung around the wine bottles neck.

As I was writing this article, news of another large-scale wine fraud story broke. The Bordeaux negociant Grands Vins de Gironde was accused of faking the equivalent of almost 70,000 cases of wine over several years, recreating ‘cheap wines’ as Bordeaux; just this week the company was fined 200,000 euros in a criminal court in Bordeaux, France.

Wine fraud isn’t a victimless crime. It affects all of the people who work very hard to make good wine, who are proud of their wines and their appellation. It can ruin a wineries reputation and destroy all of their hard work.

So when you order a bottle of wine, be vigilant because you’re helping to protect the wonderful wines that are produced around the country and in the Central Valley.

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