The New Year

That Simple touch of Maui

This island paradise gives you the best of all worlds.

Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” played in my head as I watched the sunset from my dining room seat looking over to Molokai. From one side of the mountaintop, I could see the black sands that their famous for. From the other, I saw clouds spiraling through the ridges like a pinched candle’s smoke.

This is where I love to spend Christmas and this year it was made even more special by having our family with us.

Lunches, dinners, and time spent at the water’s edge with my grandchildren gave me an opportunity to look at life from their perspective. My grandson and I watched the boats, canoes, paddle boarders, and paragliders. This brought back memories of my mother’s courage of gliding through the skies while in her eighties.

The last evening, I made my way to the sunset lookout point a short climb up from the hotel. As I meandered up a winding dirt road, darkness set in. Fireflies appeared by the hundred, stringing the air with flickering lights. It was even better than the sunset, well almost.


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